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Haleem Recipe

Haleem Recipe

Apr 06, 2021

Recipe Details:

Haleem :

In the Middle East and Asia, haleem is a rich mutton stew. It's interesting to learn that Haleem, as common as it is in Pakistan, has Persian origins. It is eaten in many other parts of the world, but it is most common among Muslims, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan, when they break their fast with the Iftar. (Dal Makhani Instant Pot Recipe).


Haleem Recipe :

Prep Time: 1 hr Cook Time: 1 hr
Total Cook Time: 2 hrs Recipe Servings: 6

Recipe of Haleem :


1 tblsp lamb (boneless). 

moong dal (150 gms) (washed). 

50 gms chana dal. 

wheat (100 gms) (broken). 

500 ml ghee desi. 

Cloves (10). 

4 leaves of bay. 

a gram of saffron. 

green chilly paste (30 gms). 

turmeric powder (10 gms). 

mace, 6 gms. 

10 gms cardamom (green). 

garlic paste (50 gms). 

50 g grated ginger. 

fried onion (150 gms). 

lamb stock (3–4 litres). 

to detect the presence of salt.


How to make Haleem?

Just follow these simple steps to make Delicious Hallem at home.

Instruction Recipe for Haleem:

Both of the lentils and broken wheat should be washed and soaked together for 2 hours. Melt ghee in a strong bottom handi and add whole spices including garlic, bay leaf, and green cardamom. Add the grated ginger and garlic paste when the spices begin to crackle, and cook until the color turns brown. 

Add the lamb, along with all of the powdered spices, such as saffron, green chili paste, and turmeric powder, and cook until half cooked, then add the fried onions. 

Drain the lentils' water and apply it to the lamb, along with the lamb stock. At this point, season with salt. 

Let it simmer until the lamb is tender and has combined with the lentils to form a thick sauce. 

Taste for seasoning and eat with a variety of breads.

Tadka :(Optional Step).

Soften ghee or oil in a medium skillet over medium-high warmth. Cook until the onions are brilliant earthy colored, blending regularly. You'll need to mix them all the more cautiously toward the end on the off chance that you need them to be a dull earthy-colored tone instead of consumed. 

Over the haleem, pour the tadka. Serve with extra garnishing on the hand.


Recipe Notes:

Haleem can be served with breads like Baqarkhani or eaten on its own as a complete meal.
When you raise your spoon and drop the haleem, it should fall like a thick batter or paste, with the haleem shreds clinging to the spoon. 
If you have the time, I recommend cooking it for an additional 4 hours. As required, add water to thin it out.

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