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Nihariiiiii!!!…Biryaniiiiii!!!…It is a long standing debate which is the national dish of Pakistan. Whether it is Nihari or Biryani, the sound of “eeeee” is automatically uttered once you have most of the Pakistani cuisine as we love our spices and condiments.

Throughout history, different countries have been known for their cuisine. It reflects the culture, the history and the love for food of a place and people from all over the world travel to lands far and wide to trade spices and specialties. Food has been inspired and influenced by explorers and travelers who barter goods of their lands and enable people of other places to experience theirs.

The Pakistani cuisine has been influenced by the cooking techniques of the sub-continent especially those from the Mughal era. As time passed, the local cuisines differentiated based of local traditions, spices and seasoning. We find spicy flavor rich food in the southern and central parts of the country in Sindh and Punjab where people like to have watery eyes, ears, noses and mouth. When you go towards the North, you will find the flavor to be rather mild and more accommodating to the taste buds.

We also find fusion of cuisines like the Pakistani-Chinese cuisine which is loved across the land. Here at Food of Pakistan, we explore corners of the country to bring food comparable to Mann O Salwa (Food from the Heavens) and how people create magic using local traditions and spices which is loved by people far and wide.