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Halwa Puri Recipe

Halwa Puri Recipe

Feb 15, 2021

Recipe Details:

Traditional Pakistani breakfast :

Poori is a flatbread in the mainstream Southern style that is served throughout Pakistan and India for breakfast. For a popular weekend breakfast called Pakistani halwa puri, which is essentially a plate of poori presented with halwa, chana masala, and aloo ki bhujia (potato curry), poori is necessary for Pakistan. We're going to tell you today how to make delicious, delicate Halwa poori at home. (Sooji Halwa)

Sooji Halwa

Halwa Puri Recipe :



1 cup suji. 

½ cup of sugar. 

3 cups of water. 

Not many saffron strands. 

2-3 green cardamom. 

½ cup  oil/ghee. 

yellow/orange tone (discretionary).

Halwa puri


cup Whole-wheat Flour. 

2 tbsp ghee or oil. 

1 tbsp  salt. 

water as required.

Halwa puri

Famous Pakistani Breakfast :

How to make Halwa Puri?

Just follow these simple steps to make halwa puri at home.



1. Spot sugar and water in a dish and warm till sugar melts.

2. Heat the cardamom with ghee/oil until it starts to splutter. At low heat, include suji/semolina in a dish and continue to blend until the semolina is fragrant.

3. It shouldn't change its tone.

4. At that point include the sugar syrup, at the same time. Cook for 3-5 minutes

5. Take it out of the oven and place it in a serving dish. Whenever possible, top the pistachios with almonds.


1. In a huge bowl put flour and salt. Include Ghee/oil and blend in with your hands until mixed.

2. Begin including water gradually till everything meets up and frames a medium delicate batter. The mixture is the key that will permit you to make the pooris with no extra flour or oil.

3. Spot it secured with a clammy towel in an impenetrable holder for around 60 minutes. You can skirt the moist towel in the event that you are in a moist climate.

4. Spot a huge pot loaded up with vegetable oil practically half full and warm.

5. Make little balls from the batter about a large portion of the size of roti/chapati.

6. Turn out with a moving pin. We are focusing on 4 creeps in distance across pooris.

7. Profound fry and somewhat press the pooris with an opened spoon so they are completely dipped in the oil and start to puff up. Turn and fry promptly for an additional 10 seconds. To get the tone and puff up, the bad need not take over 20 seconds altogether.


Halwa puri

The Halwa puri breakfast It can be served by putting some dry fruit like almond, pistachio, etc on halwa to make it more delicious with puri. You can also have a cup of tea with it.

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