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Chana Chaat Recipe

Chana Chaat Recipe

Mar 15, 2021

Recipe Details:

Chana Chaat :

The Chana Chaat Recipe is a light, refreshing, and summer-perfect Pakistani salad. This recipe of Chaat is very basic and can easily be modified with a lot of ingredients.

So, it's crazy hot and nobody even wants to cook, okay? But we can't go hungry right away, can we? Don't worry, I have the ideal answer for standing in the kitchen and cooking for all your summer blues!. (Dahi Bhalla Recipe).

This recipe for chana chaat is perfectly delicious (and healthy!!!), requires no cooking, and is ready in 20 minutes, literally. You can also add or take in ingredients and just simply do whatever you feel like because no matter how you make it, this recipe is foolproof and super delicious! (Russian Salad Recipe).


Chana Chaat Recipe :

Course: Snacks and Appetizers Cuisine: Pakistani Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins Total Time: 20 mins Servings: 5 


2 medium Potato cut into small cubes. 

½ cup of Garbanzo (Kabuli chana). 

2 tbsp of Chaat masala. 

1 bunch of finely chopped Coriander. 

2 tbsp of Cumin powder. 

2 normal chopped Green chilies. 

1 tsp of Lime juice. 

½ bunch of Mint leaves, chopped. 

1 medium Onion, finely chopped. 

3 tbsp of pomegranate seeds. 

1 tbsp of Red chili powder. 

Salt according to required taste. 

2 tbsp of Sweet tamarind chutney.

Chana Chaat

How to make Chana Chaat?

Just follow these simple steps to make chana chaat at home.


Aloo Chana Chaat is a light, healthy, and energetic dish but with a high amount of vitamins and carbohydrates. You put on weight by consuming potato and you gain stamina with Chana. 

Take a glass bowl and add boiled and soaked overnight garbanzo beans and the cubes of potatoes. 

Add the onions, the green chilies, the red chili powder, the chaat masala, the coriander, the mint leaves, the lime juice, the salt, the sweet tamarind chutney, and the pomegranate seeds. 

Add some newly roasted cumin powder to the mixture and blend well.

New or chilled to serve. 

Toss the chana chaat once again when ready to serve at the top with more chopped cilantro.

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