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Most of the famous and best biryani in Karachi

Most of the famous and best biryani in Karachi

Jan 05, 2021

Karachi is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is the largest city in Pakistan and the 7th largest proper city in the world. It is the capital city of Sindh Province of Pakistan. Almost all ethnic communities in Asia live here. Karachi is called the city of lights as a nickname. The bustling ports of Port Qasim and Karachi add to the travel vibe given the inexpensive and profitable nature of Karachi. Besides being the centre of financial activities, Karachi offers its visitors excellent tastes in food, shopping, handicrafts and sports.

Biryani, a very famous dish across the world which is a mixed rice dish with spices, meat and potatoes. The recent history of Biryani goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries tells us many stories about how this rice dish gained great popularity in the region of the Subcontinent. Historically, it is obtained for special events such as parties, weddings, holidays. To learn more about Biryani, you need to travel back in time. Here’s a description of Biryani. Mughal’s passion for food and the availability of a wide variety of spices in India led to this type of food invention. In Mughal culinary tradition, biryani means rice made with lamb meat, but now chicken biryani has also become one of the most popular types of biryani. Chicken biryani also has many variations.


The traditional food of Pakistan :

In Pakistan, the city of Karachi is famous for this dish and is considered the traditional food of Pakistan. Although many cities are famous for biryani, Karachi is considered to be the hub of Biryani. It won’t be wrong if we say that biryani is Pakistan famous food. There are a lot of famous spots for eating the best biryani in Karachi but student biryani Karachi is by far one of the old and famous biryani in Karachi. Operating since 1969 in Karachi opened by the name of Café student, later on, changed its name to Student Biryani is one of the oldest Biryani spots in Karachi. They claim that the recipe they use is different from others which makes them popular. They are an international food brand having franchises in different countries running successfully. If someone visits Karachi they should try Karachi Student Biryani.

Biryani is a festive dish in many ways although people eat it regularly. It is usually made for a function and when it is cooked it is time to celebrate. Different types of Biryani dishes are known for their spices, masala, and their unique, fiery taste. In Pakistan and India biryani is one of the famous dishes in this region. After the biryani was introduced people from different areas made amendments to this dish and gave this dish the name according to their area like Sindhi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Lucknowi biryani, Malabar Biriyani etc.

In addition to technique, spices also play an important role in the distribution of a good biryani. Some recipes make necessarily limited use of spices, while others use more than 10 different spices. Meat or chicken is usually the main ingredient, although some coastal varieties also use fish, shrimp and crabs. People also make biryani at home and mostly it's chicken biryani with their own style as there are different Pakistani Chicken Biryani Recipes.

Mughal emperors loved lavish dining experiences and considered cooking an art. The majestic Mughlai biryani fits the bill perfectly. This Mughal dish is now a norm in the streets of Pakistan and everyone can enjoy biryani on a daily basis. There are many different spots for Biryani in Karachi some of them have a very unique way of making it. Below we have mentioned top biryani spots in Karachi according to our editor’s team, you may agree or disagree with it and if we missed any spot you can tell us in the comment section.

Here is the list of best biryani centres in Karachi:

Student Biryani :

Student Biryani

For the last four decades, STUDENT BIRYANI has become a popular national brand that has been making waves in Pakistan's ethnic food markets and in our kitchens. They cook a rare and magnificent Biryani with a consistent taste and texture and a variety of other subcontinental cuisines. Almost serves in the every City of Pakistan but its main branch is in Karachi. They also provide tin-packed Biryani which is not fresh but still, foodies can enjoy it savour the taste of the oldest biryani in Karachi.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani :

Ghosia Nalli Biryani

Ghousia's Nalli Biryani has been in Karachi's trend recently. This special Biryani has recently drawn the attention of the Karachiites with their iconic Nalli Biryani. Ghousia nalli biryani not only makes it to the list because of its flavour but also because of the unique concept they use for biryani. Their best dish is Beef Biryani with a combination of Nalli (Marrow) and Biryani rice, giving the best taste.

Madni Biryani House


Karachi is basically famous for its Spicy Dishes. Madni Biryani is renowned for its authentic and spicy biryani, served at an incredibly affordable price. The best place for the lovers of spicy Biryani, they have a list of various spicy flavours that can be used as per your choice.

The White Biryani :

White biryani

Serving pleasure for those who want a nice taste, very high quality, and a slightly different Biryani. As the name suggests, this biryani is white but slightly flavoured. Tasty and delicious biryani having the best mixture of mild spices. Beef biryani is one of the top quality dishes made by The White Biryani.

Biryani of the Seas :


Biryani of the Seas is the best restaurant in Karachi offering different types of Biryani giving the best and the delicious taste of cuisine from the menu of Biryani of the Sea with some exclusive deals and offers. It not only serves the delicious taste of food but also provides a clean and up-to-date atmosphere that provides the best Biryani recipes with an ideal environment.

Haji Biryani :

Haji Biryani

Haji Biryani has a basic origin from Bangladesh but it also has many branches in Pakistan. Their famous Offering is Hevon biryani (A dish made with highly seasoned rice and goat’s meat). Haji Biryani is famous because of its rich taste and having fewer Spices.

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