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What is Chicken Karahi?

What is Chicken Karahi?

Jan 05, 2021

Pakistan, like any other South Asian country, is known for its good food. From hot and spicy dishes to delicious desserts, Pakistan offers a wide variety of dishes. Pakistani cuisine is a mixture of different regional culinary traditions. Pakistani food is very diverse and varies from region to region(Learn more about famous Traditional Dishes of Pakistan).

Chicken Karahi

is one of them. Chicken Karahi Recipe or Chicken Kadai is a dish from the Indian subcontinent known for its spicy flavour. It is notable in the kitchens of northern India and Pakistan. The Pakistani version contains no peppers or onions, while the North Indian version uses bell peppers. The dish is prepared in a karahi. The cooking time for Karahi is between 30 to 50 minutes. The word Karhai means “wok”. Traditionally, karahi was a round cast iron pot. This gives it strength and good heat dissipation. It also had a ring-shaped handle on each side for easy handling. This dish is traditionally cooked in a wok over high heat and is therefore called Karahi chicken. This dish is one of the popular dishes in Pakistan and also cooked in functions and celebrations. Almost every restaurant and hotel serves this dish.

There are many types of Chicken Karahi but here we will tell you about some of the dishes of Karahis.

Chicken white karahi:

Chicken karahi

White Chicken Karahi is a Pakistani fineness, especially an occasional one. It is a delicious dish based on meat, ginger paste, yogurt and some different spices. Try a delicious homemade recipe and make your dinner amazing. The recipe of this dish is simple and easy to cook but takes a bit of time.

Chicken tikka karahi:

Chicken Tikka

Another famous Southeast Asian dish is Chicken tikka, where tikka means small pieces or chunks of meat. Chicken tikka recipe is, therefore, a small piece of chicken that is marinated with yoghurt and spices and then grilled for a nice smoky flavour. Chicken tikka is a separate dish, but it is also widely used to make other popular dishes such as 
chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, and now karahi chicken tikka.

Boneless chicken karahi:

Chicken karahi

Chicken boneless karahi is a bit more expensive than simple Karachi because it is boneless but it’s worth a try. It is just like simple chicken karahi but the chicken in this karahi type is boneless so that people can eat easily. Also you can make it with butter for adding more taste into it. This type of chicken karahi is available in most of the restaurants. You can make it just like white karhai or tikka karhai or with any type of karhai you want.

Chicken Koyla Karahi:

Chicken Karahi

Koyla Karahi recipe is a famous dish in Pakistan. It is cooked slightly differently than traditional Karahi. Some of the restaurants in Karachi, Pakistan are especially known for making this Koyla Karahi recipe because it tastes so good. It is called “Koyla Karahi” because “Koyla” means coal in Urdu so it is cooked with coal.

There are lots of Karahi types. You can either make it with chicken or mutton or beef. Or with different techniques. It depends on you. We have discovered the best way to make Chicken Karahi and Mutton Karahi at home.

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