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Jan 08, 2021


Kababjees :


Fast Food, Desserts, Desi Food.

Kababs, also known as flatbreads or split bread is a very famous breakfast dish. From the Atlantic coast of America to the crusty crusts of the Middle East and from the steaming bread of the East to the spiciest, crunchiest, Everyone loves this super-hot dish; however, it becomes a problem when you can't find the kababjees in your town. If you live in the North, you can easily find the kababjees in Pakistan, in many cafes and restaurants you can find the kabab jees.

The chicken kabab (also called mutton kabab), beef kabab (also called mutton chopper), dry makhaira, and the meat kabab are some of the finest kababjees. The two most common types of kebabs are considered to be chicken and mutton kabab. 'Roti Mukhi' is a popular recipe for chicken kabab with spicy masala. In tandoori masala, dry mint, and red chilies, chicken is marinated and fried in clay.


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