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Johnny & Jugnu

Johnny & Jugnu

Jan 08, 2021

Johnny & Jugnu

Johnny & Jugnu :


Fast Food, Desserts.

This is a perfect place for families to eat. From starters like pizzas and burgers to salads, wraps, and even traditional or modern curries, the restaurant has all the options that any foodie would love to sample from various corners of the world.

Some of the popular items on the menu include the Thai chicken curry, the beef burgers, the red and green Assami ketchup, the south Indian saag-kutub, the Samosa masala and the creamy coconut gravy. They also, along with some local and international burgers or pizzas, offer popular South Indian curries.Some of the most popular meals of the day are the samosas, the chicken tikka masala, the lassi kabobs, the package kadhai and the spicy poppadoms. The pizzas and burgers are served with a side of steamed vegetables or plain rice. For the vegetarian customers who want to indulge, there are options like the delicious samosas, the vegetarian chilli sauce or the chickpea salad.

28, behind Mian Plaza, Civic Centre Johar Town, Lahore, 54782

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