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Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan

Jan 07, 2021

Bundu Khan

Cuisines :
Desi Food, Desserts, Fast Food

It has different branches in Lahore just as in Karachi. This café provides food, paying little heed to its religion, to the inclinations of a wide range of individuals. This shop is the main shop selling Pakistani flavors and has won various honors for its quality workmanship. As they are produced using normal fixings, the costs are not economical, but rather the administrations merit the expense as the food costs are among the most reduced on the planet. The shop gives a wide scope of tidbits and food from Pakistan and has gotten numerous honors for its greatness.

This Mall has numerous Pakistani cafés offering nearby and unfamiliar cooking. The bundu khan menu at the primary shop sells curry, Rotis, kebabs, pickles, chutneys, and the celebrated Mughlai food.

A wide assortment of tidbits and rarities are sold by different divisions to purchasers who don't really like the regular items.

In Johar Area, which is an amusement and retail plaza in Lahore, the Emporium Mall is found.

It has different shops selling various things, for example, adornments, hand-made materials, rugs, furniture, garments, and shoes. It has no section expense and the clients are needed to pay the fundamental add up to have the option to shop. The Mall is open seven days per week, consistently, and there are no hours for eating. Novel limits and restrictive things are sold by the retail outlet for special purposes and the costs are set by shopper interest.



19 Main Blvd, Block N Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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